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I could easily see this being in an RPG or pretty much any game. Mastering is pretty good. Like others have said, the repetition is a bit much, but in a game it wouldn't bother me. It manages to be chill and still upbeat, which is really cool. It could also use a bit more bass. Everything can use more bass muahaha

All in all, a great job!

Grandzam responds:

Thanks :)

I like the filter in the beginning. It really draws you in. I can really see this being in a video game. The sirens adds a very eerie and kind of bittersweet effect, which I really like. That voice was kind of weird, but pretty funny lol. Good "drop". Nice quality of instruments and effects.

Overall, a great job!

Schtiffles responds:

Thank you very much! :D

Overall, a very powerful and heavy song. Great work!

I feel like the kick could use a little cleaning up. It seems slightly flat. It could just be my headphones, though. The bass makes me nod my head in a very embarrassing fashion, so great job there. The synths are all original and unique sounding. Great builds and transitions.

ChromaShift responds:

Thank you for the kind words! Yeah the kick sounds a bit flat, comes due to the loudness of my other mixer tracks, if I would increase the power of the kick right now, the kick would start clipping haha :D So I'll look through it and I hope I can make it more prominent :D Yeah, can't stop to nod with my head too :P

Thank you for pointing out the point with the kick, I'll see what I can do against it,


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It reminds me of the iPad game Radiation Island. There were mountains with huts just like that in the game.

ChromaShift responds:

Oh ok, I think I don't paint that good :P I don't know that game, but it looks good :D

I just smack the keyboard until music comes out. Feel free to email me or message me on here. I'm open to talk about anything. Email: subfro​stmusi​c@gmai​l.com



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